I talked to my wife - told her I want to come home

Do not capitulate. Tell her in no uncertain terms what she has done. Tell her that if she does not cooperate, you will just file divorce and leave her in a ditch. Let your 15 year old teenagers know that they are in just as much shit as their mother. If you have to make this speech. I am your husband and father, and you have chosen to disrespect me in the most devastating manner possible. I may love you but right now I do not like you. Stay out of my way, and if you think you can bully me back, then this is what I have to say to the three of you. GET OUT. STAY OUT. You have no alternative in this. For that matter, call your wife's relatives and let them know that she has to be out otherwise you will file for divorce, and let them deal with a life without daddy.

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