Talking about not having children with family members.

I remember when I was around 17, my brother and dad were discussing in a serious lecture type conversation to each other privately a room, door was open. I happened to over hear them talking (small apt). For some odd reason they were discussing how they thought my life decisions were going to "occur" in their minds. My dad was going through this weird checklist of what I decide to want partner, kids, marriage, school in the future. (I think it was kind of a blurry memory).

I remember getting grossed the fuck out and ick that two grown ass people of my family were decidedly talking about what they suspect I was going to be doing with my life as if it with such certainty I'd be headed towards wanting kids, instead of you know... asking ME, the subject of their conversation. Especially considering the circumstances of everything, we lived in a slum AF apartment with roaches crawling on us every night, like yep great environment.

I resonate with your frustrating experience when your own family don't take you seriously or have an inflated sense that they're two steps ahead of your own decision making skills. Especially a topic like your decision regarding kids

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