The Tallahassee yoga studio shooter had a YouTube channel where he identified himself as an incel

Not again. God, not again. And all of these people are dead because some sick fuck couldn't get his dick wet.

I think the anecdote that best illustrates the true nature of the incel mass killer comes from the arrest of Alek Minassian.

After AM's van was no longer driveable, a police officer ordered him out of the vehicle. AM complied immediately, but he had something black in his hand. Despite being ordered to drop it, he repeatedly lifted his arm as if about to shoot. He was informed in no uncertain terms that he would be shot if he did not obey.

"In the head!" AM responded. "In the head!"

While this was going on, the officer was closing the distance between them. Once he got close enough, he could tell that whatever AM had, it wasn't a gun. The officer then holstered his weapon and drew his nightstick -- at which point AM dropped the charade and got down on the ground. He was brave enough to run over defenseless people, but too much of a pussy to take a beating.

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