Tamer Viable?

magic damage because... balance!! yay. (i don't know) but to be a viable tamer , you have to know what you're doing. with ninja you do too, but you have more damage output per skill. tamer is very much knowing everything down to what your skill addons are for the skills you put them on and 'queuing' them up alongside the skill's innate perks to land all that preciously massive combo damage. grinding preawakening is spam the aoe and iframe about and all, but it becomes so much more dynamic with her awakening.

higher level mobs will require that mentioned skill though, but the tamer skill set makes her even more viable end game pve and small scale pvp. mass pvp can still work if you chain SA and evasion and front guards, look at every enemy while doing so (rip wrist) just to land quick dmg then escape. glass cannon. but i guess you know this 'cus of ninja. her roles are best suited as a peeler. or support.

give her a try, she's not a loss because of the shared mainhand. and she is very fun as she DOES play similar to ninja. but she is not the same :>

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