Taming my parrot gave me a realization about the time it takes to heal from trauma.

I have an open touch pet store and people seem freaked out by the birds and straight up avoid them. Anyone under 18 has to be with an adult.

Not all of the birds can be held, but they have some bigger birds, cockatiels, parakeets, and conures in enclosures by type. The idea is people can come in and give them attention, so when they go home they (any of the animals with open enclosures) will be more tame after they get used to their new home.

I don’t know if this actually works, and since I saw progress with one between two visits I was thinking it may have. Some stores may be better than others as well. Is there any studies on this? I’d like to know for in the future to avoid supporting the store if it’s negative on the animals.

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