The Tampa Bay Rays are looking for another software engineer to join our Baseball Operations team!


I am very interested to learn more about the position and to see if I would be a fit. Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile:

I actually don't have a recent resume, as I have not been looking. But I can update and send you one if you like. I would just need an email address or I can link through Google Drive.

Anyway, by way of background - I live in Palm Harbor so not too far from St. Pete. I have had a life long love of baseball, and I still play occasionally on the mens leagues. My son who is 16 is a big lefty pitcher and one of the top players at his school. He's been All State the last two years as a freshman, and sophomore, and was an honorable mention in the Tampa Bay Times last spring. We were actually Rays season ticket holders a few years ago, but since my son plays so much baseball himself, we have made fewer games the past couple years. All of that is to say, baseball is huge for me personally and for my family.

Regarding my experience, I have been programming for more than 30 years and I have worked as a software developer and architect over the past 20+ years. My work has touched on all sorts of platforms and languages. Just a few of my recent projects include:

  • A Ruby on Rails web application that used PostgreSQL for a database backend to support secure capture and handling of tax information.

  • A rather large Node / Express JavaScript and Python based web application suite. This suite is used by a large marketing firm in Tarpon Springs to provide online marketing services to their clients. It makes use of an extensive AWS environment that includes RabbitMQ, MySQL databases, replication, load balancing and high availability.

  • A React front end and Node / Express JavaScript back end web application suite that is used by the Department of Veterans Affairs as part of medical information validation.

  • Another Node / Express JavaScript application in use by a sports gaming company in Las Vegas.

I have mostly done contract / consulting the past few years, but I am open to traditional employment depending on the circumstances.

Anyway, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile and feel free to ask any questions. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or via phone at 808-633-1670.


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