Tampa man quarantined alone with hundreds of parrots — but says it wasn’t by choice

Seriously? All you have to say here is look up the property lines online. As soon as you see it's on your property you can take it down OR have the county/ city come remove it from an undefined or government owner easement. There aren't any actual easements that are owned by the people - managed and cared for yes, but no easement is allowed to have any neighbors crap on it. Gets removed incredibly quickly by the person who put it up or they end up in quasi judicial court fighting a massive fine per day the violation exists.

Source: used to be part of my job - had to look at about 10 cases per year like this to sign off that it was in violation and then a week later then fence was gone. Turned into this because of the amount of people trying to claim parts of others' property by putting their fence on a portion of the land.

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