Tanks, let your healer drink in mythics please.

Healed all the heroic dungeons multiple times before switching to tank. It's not that I found it hard to heal, mistweaver got some crazy burst so people didn't die.

But I really started to loose my sanity with all these monkey tanks and donkey dps, pulling like mad and standing in every ground effect on mother azeroth.

As a tank i got far more control and it's been great fun. Did all mythic as Brewmaster and maybe i just go lucky, but all of them were great. We used CC on most trash packs and just breezed through them all really.

It may be slower but if I ever were to actually have a dps complain they can take their shitty attitude and leave, dps are a dime a dozen and can always be replaced.

If people could get back into the Cata dungeon mentality, because that is were we are at now basically, things would be much better.

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