Tapped into something weird on acid. Also a trip report.

The external world is only accessible for us internally.

I know, but that doesn't contradict what I said. In fact, if you think about it, it only reinforces the fact that our experiences tell us less about reality outside of ourselves than we typically think. Doubly so for drug-induced experiences.

Also study quantam mechanics.

I do, actually, and in no way does quantum mechanics suggest that the world relies on us. The only way I can think of how you'd come to that conclusion is if you misunderstood the meaning of terms similar to 'observer effect.'

In quantum physics, an 'observer' is any quantum system that is being changed by the system under observation. It has nothing to do with conscious minds.

it would be daft to label something as weird as what was experienced just simply as nonsense.

I didn't say it was nonsense. I said it was probably very profound. Those are two mutually exclusive states. Why would you think I'd label your experiences as nonsense?

If it was purely subjective and all in my head than I would have experienced it on my own, but that's not the case.

You can't think of a mechanism by which three people of similar biology and cultural background could take the same drug at roughly the same doses and have very similar experiences? Given the fact that the three of you were in constant communication during a state of greatly enhanced suggestibility, I would be seriously very surprised if you didn't have very similar experiences.

Look, I am most certainly not discounting your experience. I am not telling you it wasn't important. All I'm saying is that there are rational explanations for everything that you experienced, and the most reasonable explanation is simply that you took a drug which caused you to hallucinate, put you into a highly suggestible state of mind, and suspended your capacity for rational thought. That's the whole point of taking LSD in the first place, right?

Trust me I'm already skeptical enough as it is.

Okay, but you're asking for "mystical" explanations. You seem very unsatisfied that there might be rational, non-mystical explanations, and you seem to be reaching for something beyond that. Maybe I'm wrong, here, but this doesn't strike me as skeptical behavior - which is totally fine, by the way. You had a profound experience that defies your every-day sense of what is rational. It is completely understandable that you would be reaching out in this way, especially if you haven't had time enough yet to integrate this experience back into your daily life.

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