Tara Brown is no Peter Greste

Hang on, don't put words in my mouth.

Reversing the circumstances or country of origin doesn't work because Lebanon and Aus have completely different laws. If they were in Australia they would have shared parental rights after marriage breakdown. Decision making and time spent with kids they both have a right to their kids regardless of whether they're married or divorced. I agree the chances of the father being allowed to take them to live in Lebanon would be small to none. But he would be able to take them home to Lebanon for stretches of up to 6 weeks at a time over school hols etc I know that 6 weeks is a short time when compared to actually living their permanently in Lebanon but he would have rights to his kids if he was married or the marriage was over. Just as he should. But in Lebanon she would have no rights to her own children if she broke up with him. No rights to your own children, the children you gave birth to, in the event that you break up with your husband? So she married him and you think it's ok that she either has to remain married to him or lose access to her kids??? I genuinely interested in hearing your answer to that.

No I do not think he would be justified in talking them to Lebanon under the guise of a holiday however that DOES NOT give me my answer I'm sorry. He would have equal rights to his children here.

You don't get to just rewrite the rules to suit yourself? Are you serious?

She married him, had kids and they lived in Lebanon. This does not mean she should have to remain married to him. Nor does it mean she should have no rights to her children. They were dual citizenship after all. Both parents and yourself need to consider what is best for the children. The children deserve a relationship with both parents. Mum and Dad. To lose one parent would be absolutely life-changing.

She had rights to her kids when she left Lebanon as she was a married woman. Then she got legal custody. And he is allowed to rewrite the rules tho is he?

You're arguments are so contradictory. Do you have ties to Lebanon I'm just not understanding how someone could agree with those laws unless they lived there.

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