Tarkov devs issue update on 'cheating bastards' and 'other related scum of the earth', but players ain't buying it

Valve announced a big wave of like 40k chaters banned from Dota last week.

It's also worth noting that there's a reason companies typically do large ban waves like this. Typically, there are lots of different types of cheats going on at any time in a game. which are cheating in many different ways. When you do a large ban wave, it obfuscates what exactly the developers have caught and addressed. Those 40k cheaters in DotA were likely using a whole myriad of different cheats, so it makes it difficult to just grab a different cheat and hop back in. I've heard developers explain in the past that ban waves like this are designed to give cheaters as little information as possible. Fighting cheaters is a constant game of cat and mouse, so you don't want them to know what's going on behind-the-scenes.

In other words, if Tarkov is banning "several thousands a day" as Battlestate purports, it really doesn't make them look as good as they think it does. It both means they're basically doing nothing to reduce the number of cheaters if they have that many to ban on a daily basis, but also that they're doing it in a way where more experienced developers would likely view it as them making it even more difficult for them to address the problem.

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