Tarrare was an 18th-century French showman who could eat enough to feed 15 people and swallow cats whole—but his stomach was never satisfied. He was an insatiable glutton who ate everything from human flesh to live eels

I have no idea how old either of you are, but that sounds shocking from my perspective, in a good way.

I'm 32, and when I went to high school, the special needs kids were treated like garbage. For context on where, Texas. I always stayed out of it sense I was the depressed introvert who just stayed to himself, and thankfully avoided ever getting bullys, but the amount of times I'd see the other kids pick on the special needs kids with no consequence, or even an adult in the same room ignoring it, was crazy. It certainly did not help with my developing pesamistic worldview at the time.

I can only hope my school was an exception, but all the storys you hear about modern schools online don't give me much hope. I can only hope it's just a case of people only talking about negatives, and just not bringing up when schools do well because it's not interesting.

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