Tati "reviews" J*'s new blue blood collection

Okay let’s get one things straight: I am not white. It bothers me to no fucking end that because I have a different opinion than most “poc” mine isn’t considered legitimate. And that because I was born with lighter skin I’m not even considered the race that I actually am. I don’t want you or anyone else of any race to try to stand up for me. If someone says something racist towards me I can stand up for myself. If I have a problem with someone I will deal with it on my own. Jeffree has apologized multiple times and I personally believe he has changed. I accept those apologies. I have said so many stupid things before and I believe in forgiveness. I cannot stand cancel culture. You don’t have to forgive him if you don’t want to, but I’m tired of everyone bringing up the same old shit over and over again. Don’t fucking try to link bullshit to me because I’ve seen it all before. Tati on the other hand has never said anything racist (that I am aware of). So there was no reason to drag her into that. Just because she happens to be white doesn’t mean she is racist. And maybe she is like me and believes in moving past things people said forever ago. This wasn’t about race and YOU made it about race. If you don’t like someone, move along instead of complaining constantly about what you don’t like about them. And focus on actual incidents of racism that are happening in the world. JeFfReE sTaR iS mEaN

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