Tax Billionaires. They can afford it.

I have no problem taxing the rich. I have a problem with the proposed wealth tax and think it's a crock of shit, because for a large number of people that would be hit by it they're net value is tied up in stocks not physical assets and don't actually have the cash on hand to pay if the government came demanding it. So they'd have to sell stocks, which both lowers their net worth in the offload, as well is adds a lot of volatility to the market potentially harming other people holding stock in the same companies. It's also not a static number in this case, a company might be hit by a scandal or accident and have their share value tank or one big announcement makes it surge. Tesla is an example of this, Elon Musk made comments about taking it private and its stock jumped at first, and the nose dived by about 30% after the trade commission brought charges of market manipulation.

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