"Tax them out of existence. Steal from billionaires to replace what billionaires have stolen from us. No one earns a billion dollars, they steal it." [SH]

For your first point they smugly post the “you can participate in a society while wanting to better it” comic as if it’s the end-all gotcha.

I can understand say, having a smart phone and using it to spread an anti-capitalist message. I can get the concept of using what you have access to as a necessary evil. But somebody who is “anti-capitalist” with a collection of Funko Pops, all the Marvel Movies rented on Amazon Prime, and a diet of fast food is just a loud mouth hypocrite.

Sometimes I scroll the histories of CTH posters. I see tons of posts in videogame, “battle station”, movie, and other highly consumerist subreddits. I’ve yet to come across a CTH poster who is also active in gardening, DIY, car repair, or any other sub designed to help them extricate themselves from the society they hate so much.

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