No she's just selling you a product, one that maintains the status quo of power while pretending through symbolism that is against the power structure.

According to Fisher, capitalist realism has so captured public thought that the idea of anti-capitalism no longer acts as the antithesis to capitalism. Instead, it is deployed as a means for reinforcing capitalism. This is done through media which aims to provide a safe means of consuming anti-capitalist ideas without actually challenging the system. The lack of coherent alternatives, as presented through the lens of capitalist realism, leads many anti-capitalist movements to cease targeting the end of capitalism, but instead to mitigate its worst effects, often through individual consumption-based activities such as Product Red.

This is the Hasan Piker effect, selling equalitarian symbolism in your multimillion dollar Hollywood mansion.

She wasn't invited to this hyper-elitist event for the ruling class because she is a threat to to the rich, nor is she promoted by San Francisco multi-billion dollar tech companies because she is a threat to billionaires, she is there because she is not.

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