[TCG] OTS Tournament Pack 10 contains ulti Galatea, the Orcust Automaton, Super Rare Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf & more

Super Knightmare Mermaid. I think if there were a portion of people that wanted Mermaid as an ulti, but Galatea was next in line if it didn't, then I would wager that it would be a super instead.

Now based on this statement:

You can find awesome foil upgrades for competitive Decks like Salamangreat, Sky Striker, Thunder Dragon

  1. "foil upgrades"
  2. "Sky Striker" & "Thunder Dragon"

By deduction, there aren't any cards in these decks have a rarity below super that hasn't been upgraded (already, ie. T DMatrix), so taking this, Sky Strikers & Thunder Dragons will be getting an ultimate rare upgrade. I could be proven wrong if they include supports as their definition of "Decks" but Sky Strikers especially has every card in foil and doesn't warrant a super as a "foil upgrade" so its definitive that they will be one at least. Thunder Dragon is tricky because Batteryman Solar and reprints of past rarities like the baby chaos dragons from the Astral Packs (if they can do it with Droll from a super to ulti, they could with super to super).

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