Do you want tea(sex)?

Someone kept commenting that "Tea and Consent" is useless in complicated, lifelike scenarios (then deleted those comments), but in the meantime I prepared more complicated "Tea and Consent" -inspired script. I'm a dude and I wonder if this elaborated wall of text gets to the point or it's just a shit-post... XX-es, please read it (preferably in Samuel L. Jackson's voice) and comment.

What if, by all your heart and good will, you think that other person gave you several cryptic signals guiding you to take the initiative and get to the business with your tea (like in that romantic flix you watched yesterday)? What if you will ruin the mood by straight-off tea proposal? Your choice spectrum is wider than on/off switch on your toaster. You can start gently, with all your attention aimed at feedback. You don't have to pour your tea all the way in from start. Instead, you can offer smallest sips. Or even one tiniest sip. Or maybe you can just get closer with your tea and look for DAMN FEEDBACK. OBSERVE! In result, the other person may jump at your tea with desire or simply ask for more. But be more aware that (s)he may reject your tea, may verbosely ask you to stop, or (what's most important!) may also passively hope for you to back off, being too surprised, embarassed and/or intimidated to give you stronger signal. So for God's/Cthulhu's/Anything's sake, in absence of strong positive feedback, BACK THE HELL OFF, wear the best puppy eyes in your arsenal and just hope for a positive reaction. With no strong feedback, express your confusion verbosely. With no further reaction, refer to "Tea and Consent", part about unconscious people. Maybe you need to save a diabetic from hypoglicemia. If (after optional hospital visit) you finally received the feedback and your hopes were too high (it looks like your tea got rejected and you were wrong from start, FOOL!), try to apologize for misunderstanding and refer to "Tea and Consent", part about rejection. In other case, enjoy consentful tea drinking!

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