Teach your children about war

You know, where I can't agree with a lot of the folks here is the whole: "It's not me, so it's not my problem" way of thinking. I don't think anyone here would say that if we were directly attacked, we shouldn't retaliate. The question then becomes, when should we step in? If they attack Canada do we step in? England? Iraq? Syria? What if they are cutting the heads off Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, Iraqis, and Syrians alike? Doesn't that make a it a world problem? Shouldn't the world step in and say: "Nope, you've violated the non-aggression principle and you've revoked your right to exist." And if the world is unwilling, we might have to go it alone.

I'm sorry, as philosophical as anyone can ever get, it really comes down to: "The only people that can stop bad guys with weapons are good guys with weapons." I think this comic has a bit of right thinking and a bit of wrong thinking. They are right that we shouldn't glorify war. War is a necessary evil, it's bad, it is the ultimate last resort, we should avoid it when we can, but we can't always avoid it, when a belligerent force continues to attack despite our efforts to communicate and mitigate, we must destroy it's capacity to harm.

Where I think they may have got it wrong, or at least unintentionally made the wrong impression is the whole "soldiers aren't heroes" shit I hear so often on in this subreddit. Really, this is like the only subreddit where I hear that shit. I don't care how anti-government, how anti-war, how anti-american, anybody is, when someone goes and risks their lives, and suffers all the psychological trauma, and fights and kills for the interest of our nation, they deserve some respect. It just pisses me off when I hear people disrespecting our soldiers, I mean, I'm not one, I never served, I went into healthcare, I take care of the poor bastards coming backing with PTSD and missing limbs, it pisses me off so much when people say shit like: "They were sheep in the oil war!"

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