Teacher exodus: Are teachers in your building leaving the profession?

To define a specific solution, it would be helpful to have a set of data to drive the decision-making process.

Here are some general things that are known to be helpful with students wandering the halls, cutting class, not taking school seriously, etc.

Make an effort to make genuine relationships, and establish respect with those students- yes, even the ones who are not behaving well. Establish a mutual respect and rapport. Without this, the rest of your procedures aren’t as effective.

For chronic misbehaviors, adjust their goals and prescribe them performance or Behavior charts. They regularly will check in with a mentor who monitors progress. Students are rewarded for positive performance or behavior.

Forms of discipline include the taking away of activities and privileges that the student enjoys, or is looking forward to. This is a strong motivator for students to engage in less negative behaviors, because they don’t want to be excluded from good times with their friends.

Make an effort to make relationships with the parents and guardians. If the parents don’t answer phone or digital communications, the principal should drive to the house and knock on the door if necessary. Someone has to be the adult and advocate for the betterment of the child’s well-being. If the parents don’t, we will.

There are plenty of more things we can discuss regarding options of how to handle this. But these are some things that have been known to be helpful for an administrator to do.

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