The teacher knew what she was doing

I can tell no one is a teacher here. If a kid waved a fucking nerf gun IN SCHOOL it would be a fucking crisis. In addition as a middle school teacher if a midlde schooler is waving a nerf gun I am going to question his reasoning, social emotional health and so much more. A middle schooler knows that guns and schools dont mix in ANY context.

We would send that child to our psychologist and he would be doing sessions with him to find out what is going on at home, why he thought that was a good idea. Waving a gun, even fake is a massive problem. I would HAVE to report that to my principal ASAP, that is a huge fucking warning sign.

Not sure why this seems "crazy" to everyone here. Maybe because you arent facing the threat of dying in a school shooting regularly, and luckily, as a teacher I am facing fucking COVID.

I live in NY, our teacher salaries match or exceed industry salaries, otherwise Id be getting the fuck out.

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