Teachers are fed up and they are leaving

Yeah, it has to do with bad districts that have terrible administration and a lack of support. Teachers are leaving those types of schools. Think about it. The places where there are teacher shortages are some of the baddest school districts in your area. If you’re in an okay district with great administrative support, then you won’t leave unless you’re just tired of education. I mean, I may be wrong, but you’re not gonna leave a fairly okay district, right?

Therefore, I don’t think it’s necessarily a teacher shortage overall per se, but it’s a shortage of teachers in bad districts and/or schools that lack support and justify the actions of teachers. Example—discipline: There is no discipline in many schools. Admin is scared of the parents…and the politics regarding school systems can be very bias when it comes to children’s behaviors or their overall welfare. I had a student who received a 27% in my class. The student failed to meet deadlines and extended deadlines. I would give 0%. Some admin and districts have a problem with that. How many times have we seen teachers get fired for such actions? So, it’s the bad districts and a lack of support that makes teachers quit.

I’m echoing the same thing the OG post stated at this point. But, I think you get what I’m saying. It’s not an overall teacher shortage the way media tries to paint it, but it’s a shortage in bad school districts that don’t have admin support…because it’s all about scores to many of these school admin and districts. Okay, I’m done. End of rant lol.

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