Teachers / Professors of Reddit. What’s your story of a student who got decent marks but was otherwise an absolute nightmare?

I’m that student.

An absolute nightmare of a contrarian and proactive type a group member. I get my work done in as early as I can, give usually unsolicited feedback to others in my group, I question their train of thought consistently, ask questions to clarify the professor and students’ stances, I use my time wisely, read all chapters and ppts in advance, do my own research to get additional up to date information, practice problems in other applications.. I call out every logical fallacy I can identify, I call out every partisan political influences, I call out every single thing that I can because I pay cash money for each class I take while the vast majority of my public university class sits back on their laptop playing games, shopping, texting friends, and not doing any fckn work to get the same degree I work my ass off for.. and for free.

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