Teachers quit Australian Education Union’s Victorian branch over ‘weakest’ workplace agreement

Woah woah woah relax. This is a subreddit about teaching. No need to be so rude.

Yeah every “rep” is a teacher, not the actual workers at the union though.

And who said I never went to these meetings? Ive been to some, but I’m not a rep. And maybe these motions go to the council, but do the reps ACTUALLY get any say in it? Not really. They can just knock it down willy nilly.

I don’t appreciate you saying I don’t participate mate and especially in such a tone.

I would appreciate if we could keep the tone of the conversation more civil, as I’m here to have chill chats about my job. I don’t want to be berated because I have concerns about my union. Thanks anyway for voicing your opinion :) I hope to keep chatting with you about this though mate, it’s definitely worth the discussion:)

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