Teachers of Reddit, what is the most disturbing thing you’ve heard a student say?

I was a full time nanny/private teacher to a girl (6 years old) and a boy (10 years old) They had severe behavioral problems, but their mom or the nanny company I worked for didn’t tell me that before I took the job.

The boy would always be expelled from school for hitting his teachers or punching other students in the face. He trusted me so I was allowed to talk to him about his behavior without him going ape shit. I tried to talk some sense into him and explain that school was good for him, but he would just say he was going to kill someone so he could go to jail. And if that didn’t work out he would just kill himself. One time he was mad at me and he told me he was going to hunt my boyfriend down and kill him. I would report this to his mother and she just said ‘yeah he says those kind of things’.

Needless to say I brought this home to my boyfriend who would always comfort me because I was very worried and upset. He eventually told me to quit because it was draining me. I couldn’t do it because I felt responsible for these kids and didn’t want to abandon them.

The girl started acting up too, she would attack me and yell at me. My legs were covered in bruises. It once happened when their mom was in the room and she just sat there. Luckily the family psychiatrist was there and she intervened.

The day I officially gave up was the day the girl tried to touch my private parts and when I told her to stop she said ‘can you touch mine? I like the feeling of it’. Even typing it feels disturbing. I called the family psychiatrist crying, who immediately came over. She sat with me and their mother and helped me say it: I quit. I told her this is beyond what I was trained for, and that I just can’t take it anymore. Mother broke down in tears and realized a nanny wasn’t enough. These kids needed serious professional help.

Last thing I heard is she took some time off her job to focus on her kids. The boy went to a behavioral farm and took on sports as an outlet for his emotions. Girl started child therapy.

I still think about them a lot, but I feel like I helped them by leaving. The mom finally realized something had to be done.

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