Teachers who've had a student that stubbornly believed easily disprovable things(flat-earth, creationism, sovereign citizen) how did you handle it?

Never said you had to teach at all? Just not to teach something that isn't fact as fact.

I didn't realise there was a seperate school of thought for primitive evolution, so yeah didn't know that..could of put it less rudely though.

Scientific validity is not my concern science is one school of thought in many schools and that is why I take issue of teaching someone we evolved from monkey is as much of a fact as 2+2 = 4 and to quell and chastise anyone who thinks differently.

I am a teacher and my peers are teachers. I'm not on the science department but as of right now our curriculum does not allow me as an ancient history teacher to teacher evolution as fact, I'm also not allow to teacher that Jesus existed even if I have documents that prove otherwise in the writings of romans ( not saying he did miracles just that the guy existed ) Australia's education is highly regarded and fair. So assuming from that evolution is still not considered true in an academic capacity and any teacher who says it's fact within the Australian curriculum is in fact projecting their beliefs onto the content and not teaching what is required.

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