Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2019 Spring - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion

I really don't agree that Impact is a better teamfighter, tank vs tank yes but absolutely not while he's on carries. If you watch his flanks this game they had very little impact. When Xmithie and Impact flanked mid, he missed shockblast on 3 grouped members, did no damage and soaked no pressure then left and TL still won the fight. The flank at raptors he hit 1 person with shockblast, did barely any damage and left. Most of these fights the Jayce did very little work, it was mainly DL's damage, Jensen's consistency and CoreJJ's setting up plays that did the work.

I think Licorice was the only real chance C9 had at winning this game even as a Poppy, but I agree he kinda threw the game at raptors and didn't do very well today. Impact is good enough to keep up with Licorice, but imo Licorice even on a bad day still seems the best player on C9. The botlane and jg gap seem much bigger than top whenever C9 plays TL.

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