@TeamFortress: "Update on the Unusual situation: All Unusuals from the bugged crates have been marked as non-tradable for the time being. We are evaluating what steps to take with these items and will have another update for you after the weekend."

this needed to happen to highlight Valve's inability to manage TF2

Meet Your Match nailed that one in 2016, couldn't have shipped that 'update' any worse

And losers like this dude highlight it 24/7 and have been doing so for years, blatant cheaters rocking unusuals who've been cheating in mass for fucking donkey's years all while never never ever receiving any serious punishment for doing so - we actually have people who are well-known hackers, spinbotting in this video game, on a profile linking cheats, uploading their gameplay to YouTube - who Valve takes a look at, thinks 'hmm yes this guy is a problem', and doesn't ban until months later

Just look at this response video from them (if you can get past all the cringe added from the uploader), I mean what the actual fuck is that? THIS is the response quality from a billion dollar company? 'Fiona' there talks with like teenager maturity, even gives the dude another chance like what??

And then what, people like nullifedcat literally destroying the game singlehandedly for all UK players for weeks straight over and over and over and over and over and over until slowass Valve finally responds? One dude ruining the experience for thousands of players with ease? (And by 'ruining' I of course mean 'rendering the game outright impossible to even play with zero exaggeration)

I don't know what else we need to be honest, I could sit here and just continue to type type type up an entire book on the shit that is TF2 these days and just how pathetic Volvo is as a whole, cause nothing but frustration

Most players on TF2 now just accept that there's gonna be a cheater every match with model bugs everywhere a hud_reloadscheme command requirement to fix their UI and an upcoming unbalanced anti-fun match and don't even complain about it anymore, the developers behind this game nowadays have reached the lowest of the low because why wouldn't they? Why do anything? You all continue to play anyway

I encourage anybody to leave all that shit behind and just move on, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to play a multiplayer video game that wasn't infested with problems backed by developers that actually care, not a chance in hell I'll boot up TF2 again in my life

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