Has TeamFourStar peaked?

A lot of what you described is like...a content mill, dude.

In a way you have a point insofar as TFS needed to have hard conversations about the state of things. I'm of the opinion that they have already, recently. That's what led to the cancellation of DBZA. They had to sit down and figure out what to do with it. That was hard. It was probably a difficult pill for them to digest.

We know they are making several other projects, some we've seen, some we know of, some we have yet to see. We don't know the discussion that went into those projects because that is quite literally their business. So we can hardly make the kind of speculative call that 'some people need to go' or 'what types of roles need to be hired.' Even if we could, again, it's their business. As fans, we're just along for the ride. And anyone can get off the bus anytime they want to.

A big core of your talking points here, forcing creatives to churn out content? That ain't going to work in any sustainable model. In the business of content creation, there has to be passion and a desire to create. You can't just stick someone in a cubicle like you can at an accounting job and go "hey, do (x) number of worksheets today." In fact, this is literally a big part of why DBZA S4 didn't get made - they realized that if they chained themselves to it again for (at least) five more years, they weren't going to enjoy it. They already weren't anymore. Therefore, rather than put out something that people would hate, they chose to walk away and leave on a (relative) high note.

They're mega talented, of that there's no doubt. DBZA and Abridging in general gave them a structure to work with for a long time, but now they have to try different things and at the same time, figure out a new structure to work with. The work that goes into making DBZA is really going to be a lot different than the work that goes into making, say, an original animation. Then on top of all this, COVID, which I've already addressed in my other post in this thread.

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