Teammates bro :/. I’m Artemis here.

Fair enough.

This might be of help to you or it might not, but here are my steps for climbing out of gold & plat & Low diamond after rank reset:

Play jungle Mute everyone (including enemies) Spam pick Arachne, Kali, Mercury, Apollo (first 3 are better) Do whatever I think is best

My main account is Masters, and I've come to learn a few things, first of all, its easier to carry and climb from jungle than any other role.

At lower Elo's no one really knows what they're doing so you won't get any valuable information that you can't already gather from the minimap, even missing calls, you should be noticing all of this on the minimap, but if you don't then that's something that you need to improve upon personally.

Arachne, Kali & Merc are the absolute monsters of low Elo ranked, they don't know how to play Vs these god's so abuse the picks and beat that ass, AA god's are excellent because you can deal with fed solo laners if the need arises as well as being able to solo objectives & split push.

The last point I made was to "do what I think is best" This might seem like a selfish thing to say, however when climbing the ranks of low Elo there is like a 96-97% ish chance that I am the best player in this lobby (unless of course another master or GM is queing with) And I know where I should and shouldn't be, and most of the time, Low Elo players don't have the same game sense, and they will often moan and become toxic at me for splitpushing instead of aimlessly fighting (that's where the mute comes in handy)


Yesterday I played a game with my friend on my alt, the enemy teams phoenix had just respawned and my team wouldn't commit to taking it back down straight away, what did I do? As Mercury I showed up to the phoenix and kited the enemy out, I then turned back around and ulted into the phoenix, quickly took it down before dieing to the enemy team.

I got flamed for it ofc (inting haha) but in the very next fight the enemy team over commited and the minions took the titan to 20% and we won...

I hope these points help you out in your games, if you are good enough to climb the ranks, then you will I promise!

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