TeamOne vs. Old Guys Club / Americas Minor North America Closed Qualifier - IEM Katowice 2019 - Lower bracket round 1 / Post-match Discussion

Holy crap you are way worse than I had originally thought.

Why are you even bringing up the fact that he could be sued for any amount in the world? Does it matter? No because it's not reasonable to assume that it would cost him millions of dollars for breaking a contract (we still don't even know what his contract says). Like we both know you are just making that claim to try to disprove me which is an incredibly disingenuous way of arguing. How about you make some points you actually believe in instead of trying to disprove mine with 'fantasy scenarios' of Shroud being sued in to poverty.

Maybe your ability to read is just as lacking as much as your mental capacity I don't know, but I never said that it was logical for Shroud to ditch his sponsored thing, I said that it was logical to assume that if he did chose to, that it would not be the end of him financially.

The only time I've called anything you said immature was when referring to the ad hominem in your FIRST comment (the part with grow up bitch or whatever you said).

I already answered your last question but you don't seem to have basic understanding of the English language so you probably missed that to.

Honestly it just seems like you are trolling at this point so I'm not gonna bother with you anymore. I've answered your stupid questions and weird hypotheticals already.

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