Of teams who have played 6 Premier League games this season, only Wolves, Fulham, Newcastle & Sheffield Utd have a lower expected goals (xG) tally than Arsenal - 6.91

Despite what some morons here are saying, this isn't the apocalypse. Chill the fuck out. Is Emery's first season seen a little unfairly by fans in hindsight? Yes, probably. But doesn't take away from the absolutely insane collapse we had under him in his last 3 months. He also started this whole Ozil saga, which we're still suffering from. After that, he lost the dressing room, failed to communicate properly with the players and had a disastrous,dire season. Arteta came in and did a fantastic job picking up the pieces and shoring up our defense, but ultimately the common thread here is the absolutely shambolic squad building and corrupt management. Raul is gone now but the effects of multiple terrible decisions from him and the board from thr late-Wenger era to this summer are still wearing us down. We have a horribly unbalanced squad filled to the brim with overpaid bums, short term purchases that didn't work out and some very questionable contract decisions. It's ultimately a bottom-heavy cup team and that shows. It'll take more than a season to undo the damage. So we should just get used to some boring games I guess. Sad but it's the truth

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