#TeamTank Nightly Preview - March 11

And you've just given me 3 paragraphs of utter speculation.

Bob polls different scouts every time he makes the list, so the 2% isn't accurate, but sure. And have you yet proven that they are any less than NHL scouts? Nope.

Going with your (as usual) absurd argument as to why I should listen to the media who get paid to generate clicks rather than the people whose livelihoods are on the line, let's suppose this absurdity is correct: getting 2% of anyone's game is generous. That's pretty much what most people are going on, but some people do it with their livelihood on the line. Those are the ones whose opinion counts.

But you haven't moved me, and I haven't moved you, so let it rest. I'll stick to Bob's list, you'll stick to click generators.

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