Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - November 30, 2020

Playing cyberpunk and audio is randomly buzzing. It happens pretty regularly every minute or so, music is pretty bad in game due to that. Additionally Martin characters voice is very quiet, though every single other npc sounds fine.

I have an aux cable plugged until a 7.1 soundbar from my mobo (no sound card), I don't notice the issue outside this game.

Previously I had an issue with the game randomly pausing on me, but switching to my c drive seemed to fix that. Realtek high definition audio is my output device. Tried headphones, plugged into a second headphone port on my desktop, issue continued.

It's like that buzzing sound you get sometimes when your computer freezes, but it's really quick and brief. Only lasts for less than a second, but very frequent.

Tested shadow of the tomb raider real quick. No issues as far as I can tell. Tested watch dogs legion, no issue there either.

I'm running in 4k with all settings on high or ultra. None of my temperatures are getting abnormally high, but I'm thinking this is a performance issue with cyberpunk.

What recommendations are there that I should do to help narrow this down and resolve this

My computers default format is 24bits 48000 hz

Thanks in advance!

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