Tech Support and Troubleshooting - January 07, 2019

I'm hearing 2 problems: you're only getting the high frequencies, none of the low/mid frequencies. This is because your turntable is sending a phono signal, not a line signal.

  • Does your turntable have a switch for phono/line output? If yes, set it to line output. If not, then you'll need a phono preamp. Once you fix this, you'll hear all the frequencies.
  • Concerning the noise: does your turntable have a ground wire? This cable probably ends in a U-shaped plug or a naked piece of copper wire. You can try to connect this to a metal part of the mixing desk (you could tape it to hold it in place). Usually phono preamps and amplifiers/mixing desks with phono inputs have a lock mechanism to connect this cable.

Good luck!

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