US tech worker’s account of racist abuse in Sweden goes viral

He has brownish skin, dark brown eyes and brown hair. It's easy to see he is immigrant in a Nordic country. It's not racist to tell the physical facts. It just so happens that North Europeans are most blonde, but not most imperialistic or racist. Similarly, I will be foreign in all Latin America, Asia, Middle East etc. Will it make them racist that they can tell I am not an Egyptian, Mexican, Chinese, Somalian etc? Or do you just love double standards?

Can easily. It's easy to find the relevant Twitter accounts. 200 cases in a month is easy.

Instead of microaggressions why don't you post POC being killed or physically attacked by those white supremacists that are rampant in Europe and Sweden? How many immigrants were killed by blonde Swedes last month vs how many Swedes were killed by immigrants?

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