Ted Bundy said, “We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere.” What’s one time you questioned if you were talking to a serial killer?

Whilst not me personally, my neighbour growing up once popped a tire just outside Sydney, and had no spare. Called up a tow truck, was waiting in the car with her then 2 year old daughter.

Whilst waiting, a guy pulls up beside her in a ute and asks if she needs any help. She declines, explains that NRMA is on the way. Guy and her start chatting, talking about what they did for a living and what not. Guy asks how long the tow trucks gonna be (if its not an emergency, NRMA can take anywhere between 2-6 hours, sometimes more).

She says she's unsure, Guy offers for her to come back to his and have a cuppa while she waits. He seems really normal, and she doesn't want to wait in her car for hours. But she has a toddler in the car and it feels like a risk, so she declines. He nods and says fair enough, chat for a bit longer, he drives off and she never sees him again. Tow truck arrives safely, nothing goes wrong.

Years later, she sees his picture on tv. Turns out he was Ivan Milat, infamous Australian serial killer who patrolled those roads for backpackers and hitchhikers and killed minimum six people. She thought he was a completely normal, nice man, didn't push or anything. If her daughter wasn't with her, she would have gone with him. She got lucky.

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