Ted Mosby of "How I Met Your Mother" has no problem giving intimate details of his sexual history to his children, yet refuses to admit to them that he used to smoke weed.

To sum up what I think you're saying: "Sobriety makes the best out of a person."

I can't really find any fault with your assertions. They appear to be ideological in the same vein that mormons prohibit the consumption of any mind-altering substances.

Anyone who derides that kind of thinking in and of itself is making their own mistake. Maybe I fall under your definition of an addict, and it's most likely because weed is part recreation and part medication for me.

I also sense some pain with your father. I personally can't stand tobacco because of how toxic it is to the body. Am I exhibiting some dissonance by rationalizing my weed use as better than his tobacco use? (90% of my consumption is vaporizing, so the pure health argument is nullified to the extent given with that. your sobriety point still stands though.) Probably. And I'd be lying if there haven't been times where I was too intoxicated to meaningfully engage with friends or my SO for one reason or another (like short term memory loss).

Having said all these things, and putting myself at risk of sounding like your father, it's ultimately a conscious decision I make because ingesting weed helps me unwind and take the edge off some of the more unfortunate side effects of my ADHD medication.

If I could wave a magic wand and have all my health/psych problems disappear, my consumption of weed would probably plummet. And that right there is evidence to support your argument. Unfortunately, I have no magic wand, and the world is a messy place. So I ingest weed to help me in ways that you'd probably be more likely to approve of, but also in ways you definitely wouldn't.

Thanks for clarifying, I always appreciate opposing viewpoints that are grounded in rationality. People rarely grow as individuals when they live in echo chambers.

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