Teen Girl at Center of Fontana Amber Alert Killed in Shootout With Police After Pursuit

Hollywood 100% plays off the one off situations where this is possible...

No, it plays off the morons who think they can wave their guns around, pull the trigger, and their bullets magically only hit their intended targets or miss harmlessly. That's not how fucking guns work.

You can't let a couple of your buddies or even yourself get dropped trying to ID a suspect.

Dude, they're fucking cops, not soldiers. Cops are not at home being attacked, they're technically the aggressors who are trying to stop the suspect. In this, that girl had more right to claim self defense than every cop in the state combined did. They took their job understanding the risks, that girl didn't.

Even in training this is so hard unless it's like a 1 v 1 in an open field.

Why are cops being trained in 1v1s? This shit is fucking unreal. There's no such thing as 1v1 when you have dozens of bystanders around at any given time. You can just fucking shoot your gun off like you're jizzing on your mom. You need to check where the fuck you're shooting so you don't become a mass murderer by being a dumbass.

What if there was a school behind that truck? Cops just going to unload hundreds of bullets into a school because they're getting shot at? Fucking stupid.

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