Teen Titans GO is more enjoyable than the old Teen Titans show

People wouldn't care if the show had a 6th season or not. They just want to hate something different. And GO is actually really popular with kids so your anecdotal story doesn't really have any weight to it. Kids have definitely never seen the original lol. I would bet anything your little brother only thinks that because you do and is probably referring to like 1 or 2 friends who also don't like it. Either way, facts are facts.

And seriously bad lessons for kids? It's a comedy show for kids...and yet they satirically mock things like share economy, pyramid schemes, mega corporations, lying, cheating, etc... Can't really name another cartoon that has taught as many good lessons, honestly. What does Uncle Grandpa teach...to fart on pizza or something? GO actually deals with real life topics instead of just being a superhero show that only cares about itself.

The original was too expensive to produce so why would CN keep making it? They don't make any money on it but they are making tons of money off GO because of all the merch kids are buying.

If this was some youtube animator's personal show...people would LOVE it. I think the fact that its "official" somehow sets people off. It shouldn't. If you open your mind and stop being angry you'd realize it's a great show and you're just being petty.

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