'Teen Wolf' star Colton Haynes says the head of MTV didn't want to cast him because he posed for a gay men's magazine as a teenager

if you're playing the game of "hide the gay" by legally stopping people from exposing the fact you're gay so you can work in an industry that... discriminates against gay people? yeah, i think you can't really complain about it when you're part of the problem.

he could've stayed out and worked smaller roles as a gay actor. if he had waited a few years there would be more gay roles coming down the pipe. the fact is him being gay doesn't work with his "teen jock" look that his management wanted to capitalize on so they shoved him back in the closet and he let them.

saying "i'm a victim of discrimination by hollywood" when you put yourself back in the closet to participate in hollywood seems a little ridiculous.

and yes, if he hated the idea of hollywood discriminating against him because he's gay he could either not cover it up or choose to do something else.

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