Teenager 'robs elderly couple in home before raping woman and shooting dead neighbour'

You need to possibly read a book at some point and not Cliff Notes From A leftist website.

History classes are why I included:

You know about all the Wars & conquests of the English, French, Spanish & Dutch Empire. Then they exterminated whole Native Indian in the Americas. Enslaved many Africans and brought them to America. Exploited, looted & mutilated the Indian Subcontinent. The Roman conquests, American Civil War and the two World Wars. And the list goes on.

There was this thing called the Ottoman Empire, a caliphate that extended from all of North Africa to Turkey. -Genghis Khan

You should be embarrassed for even bringing up the Ottomans. The total death tolls of the Ottomans and the Mongols don't even compare to the total of just the two world wars and the Holocaust. And work on your reading comprehension. I didn't say whites were the only violent group. I just pointed out that they're the most violent in history by a wide margin. That's a fact you dumbass whiteboy.

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