Teens Face ‘Corporal Punishment’ in Rural Arkansas for Participating in Student Walkout

Hello there strawman.

Corporal punishment is not about the beating, its about the fear and power dynamic.

Its especially heinous when that dynamic reinforced between teacher and child/student.

It may not be possible to get this idea through via words to the type of teacher/educator who would use corporal punishment in the first place. Sometimes people need to experience the power dynamic and the emotion that comes with it in order to have any empathy.

Nowhere in my boast did I say I would hit the teacher. This is not an ideal world but given the choice between letting an adult abuse a power dynamic and assault one of their pupils or scaring the teacher straight when words don't work, I'm gonna stand by the second option every time.

To be fair I'd never live in the backwoods places this type of thing seems to occur and I'd avoid sending my child to the type of school that would require this waiver in the first place.

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