Telegraph Reporter Reveals Lengths Israel Goes to in Effort to Avoid Harming Palestinian Civilians in Gaza Airstrikes

Honestly, this method does not bring peace of mind when I try to conceptualize how life must be over in Gaza.

Imagine if you were suddenly informed that you had 45 minutes or less to gather your most important belongings before your home was completely destroyed. Wow.

Yes, the Hamas-made rockets fall without any warning, but that comparison still doesn’t make this entirely humane.

I agree that some warning is better than no warning, but still, the resulting destruction, homelessness, trauma, and death caused by these airstrikes into Gaza never seem to benefit anyone. It only reassures that the war won’t end anytime soon.

My friend in Israel tells me “but you don’t live here. You don’t know the reality.” Perhaps, but I have yet to read a single piece of media about this that has convinced me otherwise.

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