[TELEGRAPH] Revealed: Why Manchester United are better without Paul Pogba and win more often with a back three (by James Ducker)

I said it last yr and even now, sometimes having the best players isn't best for the team, we had a good run with Fred and Scott then Pogba came back instantly and it wasn't the same, fred and Scott can both cover very well leaving 3 attackers to do their thing, with Paul he doesn't offer that with either of them, his attacking isn't good as Bruno but....we keep having these convos every single year...multiple times, he may very well work somewhere else but it's not utd and it hasn't been since he signed, yes his had good games but overall I don't think he fits our team, he would have been suited to our teams in say 2008 or so.

He could end up else where doing the business and hope he does but we need to focus on the team rather than trying to "unlock pogba" every year, we shouldn't have to unlock a player for him to be good he should make the team unlock just like Bruno did, with 1 yr left next season we should still get around £60m or maybe more and hope we use it in the squad but who knows, this isn't a 1 game knee jerk reaction more so most had enough of same old stores and results it's just not working, it's best for both to move on, we have other players who have shown imo much more and should progress with them.

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