Telerik's NativeScript First Impressions

Telerik products are horrible in my opinion, and I've been using them for over 2 years now. I've used most of their stuff. My company utilizes AppBuilder f or building their "cross platform native apps."

Their "cross platform native apps" are absolute bull shit. Here's how they work. Its so hacky, and so far from a true native app, it'll make you question why you would ever want to do it.

First off, what telerik does, is just grab a bunch of free software and wrap the OSS with their bull shit. Yeah they add some stuff, but mostly their stuff is just straight ripped from some OSS and then they add a bunch of useless overhead. Its honestly easier to just go get the OSS software and make it do exactly what you want then to deal with that BS.

Next, their native apps are no where near native apps. Here's how they work:

Telerik wrote a wrapping native application that basically serves a web application to the browser in their app. Yeah, did your head just explode? It should have.

Then you write your web application using their Kendo UI, which is basically just Angular.js wrapped with telerik bull shit, and then it deploys this code locally onto their phone. Their app then just serves this webpage to the phone itself and displays it in the browser in the app. Its so hacky, and performance is really shitty. Then they say you can use "native apis," but really all they do is bundle that shit with cordova,js, which is nothing like a native api at all.

Honestly, just write a web application and add local caching in the manifest. It is way better this way, since every single button click using AppBuilder stutters and lags, and I've written over 10 applications using their stuff.

There's no such thing as cross-platform native apps. The only thing that fits this niche truly is HTML5, and it does a pretty damn good job at it. Check out grooveshark's HTML5 application if you don't believe me, or the Quake Online game. That's how you do native applications over the web: webgl and HTML5.

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