Tell me about great silk items and how you wear them

I love my silks! I wear all kinds of brands, I buy them mostly from the Saks outlet(brick and mortar), eBay, and hautelook/gilt groupe.

My favorite brands are bcbg, elie tahari, joie, St. John, Lafayette 148...whatever I can get at a decent price. Once in a while j crew, but I often find their quality too low for the price. I even have one from Forever 21 that I’ve had for close to 10 years, and it’s opaque enough to not need to wear a cami under!

I hand wash almost all of them unless they aren’t a solid color. If it’s a print, hand washing might cause some of the colors to run into one another. I hand wash each one individually in cool water in a Tupperware bin with a little woolite. The dye will often run a little and color the water (which is why I wash each one alone), but I’ve never noticed a detrimental loss in color in the blouse, even my favorite deep fuchsia Lafayette 148 faux wrap silk blouse.

I then hang or lay flat to dry. A few of them never need wrinkle removal, others I’ll toss in the dryer for a few minutes, hang in the shower while I shower, or steam with my handheld steamer. I never ever iron, simply because I hate to do so.

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