Tell me about Sick Spiders?

Sick Spider was a side project which was apparently led by Tim, under which an eponymously titled album was released, and nothing else. Despite Tim himself saying that he had no involvement with the project, it was just assumed that it was a part of the Hum umbrella in some way or another, unofficial or otherwise. Some months ago, things became a little spicier when a member of the now-defunct shoegaze band Candy Afterlife posted a comment in a thread on the subreddit, claiming that Marc Broude (the other guy who apparently worked on Sick Spider) was nothing but a thief, and had stolen all of the Candy Afterlife demos and rereleased them under the Sick Spider moniker. I did a little investigation and it was indeed true - nobody knows who the fuck Candy Afterlife is of course, but they have a legit local fanbase from back when they were operating in Columbus or Cincinnati or whichever C-city in Ohio it was, and Discogs confirmed that all of their stuff came out long before "Sick Spider" started showing up on search engines. Another Discogs nerd on the sub did a little digging, and managed to get in contact with a frantic Marc Broude, who came onto a Discogs thread in a state of pure distress, begging for the Sick Spider release to be taken down. According to Broude, the whole thing is an elaborate revenge scheme of an ex of his. Not only did she find some random completely underground Ohio shoegaze band from yonks ago, but she managed to conduct fake interviews with legitimate musical outlets under the name of Broude, as well as posture him as a contributor to several white supremacist bands (namely Zog. I can't remember the names of the otherwise). If that's what's really going on here, I gotta hand it to her. She's fucked in the heed but had an incredible grift goin' on. It's totally bizarre that she decided to fake having Tim Lash on an album of all people, and now it's a niche but crazy part of Authentic Hum Lore ™️

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