Tell me about your first car

The '93 Audi 80 from my flair.

Been looking at a bunch of different cars since I started with driving school. Towards the end it basically boiled down to 90s and early 2000s Audis, VWs (including things like Skoda and Seat) and Mercedes (I'm in Germany, so those cars are cheap and spare parts are plentiful.

Since the R8 has been my dreamcar ever since I played Need for Speed: Carbon on PS2 as a little kid, I went with the Audi in the end because it was closeby and in my price range.

Went and looked at it in January with my father who unfortunately passed away a few weeks later. We bought it straight away (~1200€, excellent condition) and drove it home.

It took a while to fully process the fact that I owned a real car now and a somewhat special one in great condition too. I still wake up sometimes without being aware of this and when I'm reminded of it, it makes me really happy.

Anyway, since then I've slowly inched my way forwards in terms of maintenance and care.
In the beginning I just cleaned it, later I clayed, polished and waxed it.
I fixed a few minor electrical things (basically broken cables from bending) and replaced the air and cabin filters. Recently got new rims and tires which I installed (jacking it up for the first time was nerve wrecking...)
Did the brakes, belts, spark plugs, battery and the broken thermostat with the help of my uncle, which was great because it brought us a bit closer together again.
Just today I did my first oil change. Took way longer than I expected (mainly because of my clumsiness and being overly cautious) but it went perfectly. I feel much more comfortable around the engine bay and under the car now and I'm much less scared to get in there and do stuff now, which is great.

Overall this car has improved my quality of life considerably for various reasons. It's also great to have something to be really proud of and put a lot of love and care into, especially since I've got an emotional connection to the thing now and want to drive it for as long as I possibly can (which is long because these things are built like tanks and with the proper maintenance are almost invincible).

Thanks for reading.

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