tell me the funniest thing you have experienced

I have a good one for this.

This is the story of my dad's "best friend", Terry.

So Terry is buff as fuck. A real old school guy. He's a fucking giant, covered in hair, with a long beard. And he's got these eyes that just say "I have killed before." You wouldn't want to fuck with this guy, he looks like he would strangle you and let your body decompose in his backyard.

My cousin Eric (he was 17 at the time) got into a fight with this kid at his school who was a year older than him. This kid basically told my cousin that him and a bunch of his friends were going to come and jump him.

I show up at my cousin's house and his sister (Amber) tells me that he's about to be jumped, so I go tell him that I'm going to call a few of my friends and we're going to make sure that doesn't happen. My dad overheard us and said that he's going to call his friends too. Now, my dad is fucking batshit insane. Amber and I both think that he brought a gun to her house to shoot me in the face earlier this year, but neither of us can prove it. That's another story for another time. None of us want my dad to do anything, because his friends are crazy, but he insists. So he tells his "best friend" Terry.

None of us had really hung around Terry all that much at this point, but we'd met him. None of us think it's a good idea, but sure enough Terry shows up anyway.

So these punk ass kids tell Eric that they want to fight, and he says he's going to go. I told him not to, but wound up driving him there with Terry and my three best friends, with the intention of stopping things if it got too serious.

So we get there, and it just sort of pops off. But here's the thing. Terry is doing wrestling moves. These kids start freaking the fuck out, because Terry is much bigger than they are and is literally lifting them up and slamming them back down onto the ground.

That was the last time that I saw Terry, but I can't get over visual of this gigantic rough man performing wrestling moves on skinny 18 year olds.

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